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Introducing the 3036E Tractor

Paddy Solution

Front blade: More productivity due to wider working width than similar size of tractor, durable and reliable frame structure with heat treated high carbon steel blade ideal for heavy duty paddy field operation.

Poly plough: Durable structure, it is be able to use in normal up to tough clay soil. Offering both 5 disc and 6 disc models, allowing customers to select the model that best suit their operating conditions to optimize tillage performance.

Rotary tiller: Come with John Deere branded, Specially-designed for wet land paddy, Longer warranty period, Gear drive, Aggressive puddling performance.

John Deere Parts

We know our products aren’t just machines. They are big investment which you depend on to be aggressive and efficient in the fields. That’s why we put so much research and development into our maintenance product, so that your tractor can deliver year after year.