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John Deere accelerates investment in Thailand with plans for channel expansion

BANGKOK, March 20, 2013 - John Deere, the world’s largest manufacturer of agricultural equipment, is moving forward with investments in Thailand to help farmer customers improve productivity and profitability. To help customers know more about this effort, Deere has launched an initiative titled “Know the Fact and Love the Truth about John Deere.”

“We are committed to bringing leading farming technology to Thailand to empower farmers to enhance their profitability and quality of life,” said Mr. Sanjeesh Bera, country manager, John Deere (Thailand) Ltd. “John Deere is known worldwide for products with superior quality and world class customer support.”

Mr. Bera said Thai farmers will benefit from John Deere’s leadership position as the world’s largest agricultural equipment company – a company that started 176 years ago. In Thailand, John Deere currently sells a range of products including tractors with 45 horsepower and above, agricultural implements, sugarcane harvesters, irrigation products, golf equipment, and engines.

John Deere has invested in Thailand by opening a new office, hiring local employees, creating a new parts warehouse and training center and through investments in new product development for Thailand’s agricultural needs.

The initiative announced today will bring product knowledge and product promotions to farmers in 12 provinces mainly in the northeast region of Thailand. Farmers and others can learn more about John Deere products at events in their area and see the equipment through walk-arounds, demonstrations and test drives.

“By listening to customers, we have learned that customers want equipment that provides better performance, increased uptime, and low operating costs,” said Mr. Bera. “We also know customers want to do business with a company they can count on to service their product. John Deere has a long reputation around the world for its commitment to excellent service.”

“All of these developments are meant to enhance our support for customers and our dealers so that they can realize the full potential of our products and services,” Mr. Bera said. “These investments demonstrate the John Deere commitment to Thailand and the importance of Thailand as an agricultural market for John Deere.”

Throughout 2013, John Deere expects to continue growing its business in Thailand with a focus on expanding channel coverage, new products, parts availability and marketing activities.

John Deere plans to double channel coverage through the expansion of dealers by 2013. Each of the dealer locations is a one-stop facility offering product sales, service and parts support to customers. “We already have agriculture and turf equipment, engines and water businesses in Thailand,” Mr. Bera said. “We have also established a retail financing business. In combination, these businesses help us better address the needs of Thai farmers.”

“We are focused on serving customers in key areas of Thailand agriculture,” said Mr. Bera. “We work to understand the customers’ value chain and then develop appropriate mechanization solutions driven by customer requirements. In addition, he said, John Deere is investing in training, dealer-based standards, and online systems, to enable the dealer channel to be more productive and able to deliver a true John Deere experience to Thai customers.”

According to Mr. Phil Tuning, managing director, John Deere Leasing (Thailand) Ltd., John Deere established its financing business in Thailand to support the customers’ purchase of equipment. The leasing company is responsible for extending affordable financing solutions to Thai customers for John Deere products sold through John Deere authorized channels.

About John Deere (Thailand)
John Deere (Thailand) Limited is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Deere & Company, a world leader in providing advanced products and services for agriculture, forestry, construction, lawn and turf care, landscaping and irrigation. John Deere has been doing business in Thailand and serving Thai customer needs for several years through distributors before it incorporated John Deere (Thailand) Limited in July 2011. John Deere (Thailand) Limited is now responsible for Sales & Marketing activities in Thailand for all John Deere products sold to Thai customers through John Deere authorized channels. John Deere has also established John Deere Leasing (Thailand) Limited in December 2011 to be responsible for extending affordable financing solutions to Thai customers for John Deere products sold through John Deere authorized channels.

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