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  • Matching rotor shaft RPM with 540 RPM of tractor PTO to enhanced productivity
  • Excellent tillage
  • Working depth can be easily adjusted
  • Compatible with 5045MFWD tractor
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3-Point HitchCategory II
Working Width1,850 mm.
Tractor PTO Speed540 RPM
Weight385 kg.
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    RT4019 Green System


    RT4019_Green System Rotary Tiller

    RT4019 Green System
    Green System implement is a perfect match for John Deere tractor. It is designed and developed to meet John Deere quality standard in order to deliver highest performance.

    Rotary Tiller for wet and dry application will enable farmer – to do quality puddling and smoothing in one pass; (creating a fine soil texture suitable for rice cultivation, maintaining level soil profile with high precision and eliminate formation of ruts due to tyre tracks). Quality puddling will improve soil condition which leads to higher yield. Quality puddling will also enable mechanical planting of rice which will lead to lower cost of cultivation. In addition usage of rotary tiller over the years will require just one pass for puddling compared to 2-3 with conventional puddling implements (cage wheel etc.). This will lead to savings in fuel consumption and higher productivity as compared to cage wheel. Rotary Tiller also eliminates the need to do primary tillage in second rice season, hence reducing the cost of cultivation further. The weed emergence after puddling with rotary tiller will be less compared with cage wheel.