John Deere C120 grain combine harvester, 4-wheels drive system come with great engine performance 165 horsespower and newly threshing separation device. Support varieties of agriculture grain harvesting , high capability and continuously work with low cost of investment and increasing profitability


C120 Combine

  • Equipped with John Deere 165 horsepower , 4045 Turbocharged with High Pressure Common Rail electronic control engine.
  • Heavy duty front axel.
  • Posi-torq variable ground drive ,4 speed hydraulic transmission.
  • Fuel tank 300 liters, increase effective operating time.
  • Color LCD display at right hand corner post to show key parameters of machine as engine speed, fuel level, engine coolant temperature and various warning integrated into operates easier and quicker, lower operator’s fatigue and high harvest efficiency.
  • Cylinder Tine Separator(CTS) grain can be extracted from the stem and separated from the plant debris at the same time.
  • Separate the grain from the stems with an efficient grain extraction unit.
  • 3 rotor speeds with 500rpm, 700rpm and 800rpm.
  • Grain separator concave can be angled at 10 and 20 degrees.
  • Turning radius 8.2 meters quicker turns in a small plot area.


John Deere C120 Combine Multi purpose grain harvester increase efficiency with a powerful drive, increase uptime, more income with modern harvesting systems, less grain loss with newly upgrade threshing separation device, multi grain harvester machine including corn, sorghum, wheat and soybean.