Drivetrain Components

Your equipment deserves nothing less

Funk™ Drivetrain Components

Backed by a reputation of reliability and customer service, Funk™ transmissions, axles, pump drives, and planetary drives are designed to operate in a wide range of rugged off-highway conditions.

John Deere delivers an integrated drivetrain system that boosts performance, maximizes uptime, and lowers cost of operation.


Systems integration

John Deere is one of the few engine manufacturers that also makes components for the entire drivetrain. This total machine integration provides a seamless solution from the engine to the electronics to Funk drivetrain components. Our application engineers are ready to assist you in selecting the options that best fit your needs.

The power of a worldwide support network

John Deere offers dedicated OEM service and long-term aftermarket support. With John Deere, you never have far to go to find expert assistance and advice. Our drivetrain service locations throughout the world give you peace of mind that you can get service for your Funk components when and where you need it.

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